Gallery is ready

The gallery is ready now thanks for your patience, over 1100 pictures of the event, the people and most of the bands.

Before we get to the link can I just say on a personal note that I had a great time at the festival taking the photos and wandering around talking to and getting to know you lot. Thanks for all the invitations I might just take you up on them one day.

I also wanted to thank the brave souls who stayed for the whole three days (you know who you are) I got lots of pictures of you lot but don’t worry I have been very kind and spared your blushes.

I was impressed by the spirit and willingness of the majority to enjoy themselves despite the weather, in fact when it rained some just put on their raincoats and continued dancing and some just took their coats off and danced in the rain! Great stuff.

A special message: “John, there are some great pictures you can use to make that collage we talked about as a present for your silver wedding anniversary ;)”

I hope the pictures in the gallery remind you of an enjoyable weekend and hope to see you all again next year.